Top 10 Tips For Stress-Free Party Planning

Top 10 Tips For Stress-Free Party Planning

Planning a party can be either fun or stressful, depending on your personality. Here are the top ten ways to prepare for a party and not get overwhelmed. You should enjoy your party if you are throwing it.

Simplify Your Guest List

You’ll lose the chance to interact with your guests if you invite too many people. It’s better to invite fewer people. Invite only close friends and people who you want to reconnect with. Also, include people that you think will get along with others.

Plan Ahead And Start Early

Send out invitations two to three months before an informal gathering or four to six weeks in advance of a formal affair. It’s important to start gathering ideas well in advance for your menu and décor.

Budget And Stick To It

Set a budget for food, drinks, entertainment and other essentials. If you cannot afford to hire a catering service, set up a DIY taco bar.


It’s important to write down everything from “check RSVPs”, to “setup self-serve” bar. Not only is it satisfying to tick off the to-dos but it also helps you to keep track of what needs to be accomplished.

Hire someone to clean your home before or after the party if the idea of it is overwhelming. If friends or family are open to helping, delegating a few responsibilities–say, picking up ice or putting out flowers–is a huge help and one less thing for you to think of!

Keep It Simple

We recommend that you make dishes that are easy to reheat or can be prepared in advance. They will still taste great. You can order takeout and catering to round out your meal plan.

Serve One Specialty Cocktail

If you don’t like to shake martinis, make a drink that can be made in large quantities (sangria or spiked lemonade), and stock up on beer and wine. You can also create your own cocktail bar, such as a mimosa station at brunch. Use different juices and champagne to make the perfect combination.

Online Shopping: Order As Much As You Can

Save yourself the trouble of driving around town to find a specific size tablecloth, or a certain shade of serving tray. Have it delivered right to your door.

Create A Playlist

A playlist curated specifically for the guests is a must-have at any party. Consider creating a playlist that is specific to your party. For example, a female-only playlist for a Galentine’s Day Brunch.

Do Everything You Can Before

It always takes longer than expected! It’s important to get things done in advance, whether it’s setting up the table or preparing food that can be stored overnight in the refrigerator. Decor is a great way to create the perfect atmosphere for your party. Start a few days in advance.


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