9 Tips for Throwing a Wedding Anniversary Party

9 Tips for Throwing a Wedding Anniversary Party

Throwing a wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to bring friends together, whether you are celebrating your “paper anniversary” (1st year), or your “golden anniversary” (50th).

Some finer details in planning can elevate your event and make it something people will remember.

See what we recommend from the cake to the photographer for your anniversary celebration.

Decide on hosting duties

It’s not okay to assume your children will plan the anniversary party.

It’s fine to throw your own party if you’ve decided to celebrate the anniversary and you haven’t been told by anyone else. It’s a great opportunity to thank those who have helped you in your marriage. You can ask for help if you need it and know that someone will be willing to do so. Ask family members and friends to volunteer their time and talents in planning the event.

Consider a destination event

You should think about throwing a big party for your anniversary if you have been married for a long time — perhaps 10, 20, or 40 years. This is especially true if the big day you celebrated was on the small side.

If you choose a tropical resort on the beach, or a historical resort with a rich history, remember that the number of guests may be smaller than expected… and that is OK! Planning an event in a new place can be difficult. We’ve put together some useful tips to help find a venue in a different city.

Resorts often offer complete anniversary packages to make your planning easier. You can choose from a range of pre-selected packages and then simply pack up and celebrate!

Your theme can be narrowed down.

Wedding themes that were popular in the past are now back on trend.

These are only broad guidelines, and they are not a requirement as to how your theme or decor should look. However, you can use these themes if you wish. These are some fun anniversary themes:

  • Afternoon tea
  • Booze Cruise
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Black-Tie Gala
  • Casino Night
  • Honeymoon Nostalgia
  • Theme of the decade (the 20s, 80s, 90s, etc.).
  • Additional Wedding Anniversary Ideas

You can choose any theme you want! The venue you choose will help bring your theme to life.

Themes and ideas for traditional anniversary gifts

The Middle Ages are the inspiration for these anniversary themes. As your relationship grows, so does the material value of the gift.

You can create an entire event around a theme.

  • Paper – 1-Year Anniversary
  • Aluminium or Tin – 10 Year Anniversary
  • China – 20th Anniversary
  • Sterling Silver 25th Anniversary Gift
  • Pearl – 30th Anniversary
  • Coral – 35th Anniversary
  • Ruby 40th Anniversary
  • Sapphire 45th Anniversary
  • 50th Anniversary – Gold
  • Emerald 55th Anniversary
  • 60th Anniversary Diamond

Invites are important

There are many rules and expectations for wedding invitations, but not for anniversary parties. Take the time to design an invite that suits your relationship and theme, rather than worrying about how to do it correctly. Don’t forget the important details such as:


  • Date, time, and day of the event
  • Location
  • How long have you been together?
  • RSVP Information
  • If you would like people to dress up in your theme, please provide the information below.

Do not forget to tell people if you do not want gifts. It’s not good manners to specifically ask for gifts, but if you don’t mention them, some people will bring them. Let them know “the couple asks for no gifts”. Or, you can direct your friends to donate the gifts to a charity.

Schedule entertainment

Celebrate your anniversary! Choose a band or DJ that will reflect your taste but also be enjoyed by most of your guests. Include a playlist of songs that are important to you, and let the DJ or band use it as a guideline.

You can include your favorite songs, as digital technology makes every song available.

Choose a personal photographer

An anniversary can feel more intimate than a wedding, which may bring families together who didn’t really know each other. Someone who is familiar with both the couple and their family members may be the best person to capture the celebration of special relationships.

A professional photographer may be recommended, but a person you personally know will likely feel more comfortable with the guests and capture more candid moments.

New cake ideas are welcome

If you are a traditionalist, it’s fine to enjoy a classic two-tiered cake with marble interior. You can also choose cupcakes, cake pops, or donuts if you are feeling adventurous.

Also, make sure that the menu is a reflection of your passions. Don’t be afraid to go with a theme. If you and your partner are a couple who loves taco bars, then embrace the theme. Your venue should be able to accommodate your most specific requests.

Do not forget to watch the slideshow

Slideshows and photo presentations can be an excellent addition to any party. They are also a great way to remember your wedding and the wonderful people that made it possible.

You can ask a family member or friend who’s good with technology to create a video display that includes photos, videos and other visual memories. The display can then be put to music and shown to the group. You can provide any additional photos or documents that are not digital to the person who is putting together the display. Consider sharing everything online in a cloud folder, so guests can add their own photos before hand.

Toast the future

You don’t have to let your friends and family give their opinion on your relationship, unlike at your wedding. Each member of the couple should give a short, sweet speech to describe their relationship and thank everyone for attending.

It is important that your anniversary celebration represents your marriage. Just like your wedding, it’s important that the plans you make for your anniversary celebration reflect your values and your life together.


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